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The Gransden Family Website is a page for the history of the Gransden Family and other families that relate to my personal family history. Over the years many of those stories have been enlarged upon and I started writing them up to go into a book. However I never completed the book as other parts of my life took priority. So as I clean up these stories I am going to put them here so that anyone can enjoy them.

These stories will change. I am putting them up as they were when I first wrote them but as I update them with all the new research that I have done I will also update these stories so they will be expanded upon. I will also eventually put up each chapter as it is completed as a Pdf or possibly as a Kindle or other online book so that people can download it as a book rather than read it on the internet page by page. This is going to take quite some time though so please be patient with me.

Gransden Reunion 2005

Gransden Reunion 2005


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  1. Hi Tina,
    I am researching the Gransden Family as Louisa Lines married Albert Gransden, I am related through Louisa

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