Things that Stopped me 3

The other day whilst driving home from a trip to get a loom we turned a corner and ran into a scene of some distress. There were about a dozen flustered ducks making a break for it across a road with two ducks lying in the middle of the road very obviously injured if not dead. As we drove past and pulled up it became very obvious that one of those ducks was not dead and that whoever had plowed into them had driven straight on and just left them there.

Myself and the other occupants of the car got out and found one duck dead and then went on the chase for the other duck with my jacket. After a little bit of stumbling around the rather rattled duck wound up under a tree where I was able to grab it with my jacket. The movements of the duck made it very obvious that it was in shock and that it was injured.

Once I had hold of the duck we sat in the car trying to hunt down a local vet. The duck was unusually patient and quiet while all this was going on which also suggested that the poor thing was rather overwhelmed by being hit by a car and was probably in shock. Eventually we managed to find a vet that could take her in and we drove her there and dropped her off. I was pretty glad to be getting to the vet by that time because as the heat of the car was affecting her she became more and more active and I was eventually having trouble holding her. All of which bodes well for the duck in that she was obviously not substantitally hurt or she would not have been moving about so much but made the outcome for my jacket rather smelly.

It shocks me that people will happily drive through a flock of ducks and not stop for them. It upsets me that people still do this with people and or property as well and that they think that this is OK. I have never understood why people have so little disregard for others and for life in general.

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