Women’s History Month.

March is National Women’s History Month. So here is a very good article to celebrate Women’s History Month.

It is important to realise that women are often not heard in history. They were there and they participated in history but history mainly focusses on men. This is because men were the ones who were allowed to participate and also because how women participated and what happens to them is often missed out entirely. Men write the history or have in the past, thus men are the ones who are focussed on in history. This is changing but we have centuries of women’s history to make up and we will never have more knowledge of Women in History than we do of men in History.

Women’s history if often called ‘Little history’ because it is the history of day to day life and not of great events. But that does not make it any less valuable. I hope you enjoy some of the many stories about women in history below.

Some interesting articles about women and their role in history can be found below;


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