Because one course is not enough!

I decided that I wanted to up my game with my Genealogy and learn more about one of my favourite past times. I want to make my family tree better and tell the stories of my family better. I may, also, like to go into Genealogy as a profession at some stage. So I decided to do a course.

I went searching online and one of my favourite places to go for new courses is FutureLearn. FutureLearn is a group of Universities that offer free online courses for anyone who wants to do them. I have done a few including one on Richard III and one on Empire etc. I have also done some other similar courses through some Universities in Australia as well. In this case I looked for a course on Genealogy and as usual FutureLearn did not disappoint. So I signed up for this course. Genealogy: Researching your Family Tree.

But the course didn’t start straight away so I signed up to a couple of other ones as well, that mostly have nothing to do with Genealogy. On top of that I also started listening to some Genealogy Podcasts. It is so nice to have a phone that will do that now. On listening to Genies Down Under I came across the Course at the University of Tasmania which would eventually lead to a Diploma of Family History. So I enrolled in that course as well as the FutureLearn one.

So my thoughts. So far I have actually enjoyed the FutureLearn course more. The one from UTAS spent the first two weeks teaching us how to use their online system. It isn’t very hard to use and should not have needed two weeks worth of familiarising ourselves to be able to use it effectively. After that we started to get into the meat of the course. That has been better but one week of the FutureLearn Course has pretty much covered two weeks of the information from the UTAS Course. Plus the FutureLearn information has, so far been more engaging.

I have always enjoyed taking these free courses from FutureLearn but this time around it has really struck me just how amazing these courses are. The fact that I am able to take a course from Strathclyde University in Scotland, for free and that that course can be a really good quality course is just amazing. I can’t thank FutureLearn and the Universities that support it enough for the wonderful work that they do.


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