Learning how to search better on Ancestry

I was directed to this video for better searching on Ancestry. It is brilliant. Ancestry is one of those things that I dip into and out of. I usually go as far as I can go with my research doing some searches on Ancestry and but not actually looking at the records, just knowing what search terms will pull up records that I am probably interested in. Then I go to a Library or pay for just one month and pull up all of my searches. So having access to Ancestry while I do my Diploma is quite a luxury.

So, it was worth having a look at some of their video’s to check and see if I am doing the best I can with my searches. I don’t put my tree up on Ancestry at all, after all it is right here and I don’t need to have it on Ancestry as well. But, even though I can’t make use of the hints section of this video because I don’t have my tree up, I think the general advice on how to search Ancestry is well worth watching.

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