Edwin James Gransden

Edwin James Gransden was the only surviving child of Edwin Gransden and Rebekah Gransden nee Elphick.

He was admitted to the Diamantina orphanage on the 18th f June 1873, less than a year after his mother had died. His life had changed drastically. Finding out what life at Diamantina would be useful. I have tried to get further information about the time in the orphanage but it is probable that there are no further extant records. So instead it would be good to try and find out what life was like, did the children ever meet up again? What was the school like that Ellen went to? Did Edwin also go to school while at the orphanage? He only stayed for a year, what sort of education did he have after that?

Edwin was adopted by Martha and William Dockrill. Are there any adoption records? Martha had married once before to Amos Slight. Some background on both marriages and the life that William and Martha lead would be useful.

William lived and worked at Tartha Station, Moonie River. What was it like living there and what sorts of things would Edwin have experienced during his life as an overseer on the Tathra Station.

Edwin married Catherine Wright who was born in England, her parents were Samuel Wright and Eliza Ann nee Jefford. When had Catherine moved to Australia?

Charles Aulsebrook was best man. Can he be traced?

Overland Passengers April 19 1902 Wallangarra
Mr and Mrs J E Gransden (What exactly was this journey)?

Details of Martha Dockrill’s will would be useful to find and of William Dockrills will prior to Martha’s death.

Edwin worked as a Porter on the South Division of Queensland Railways. Are there any photos and what would life have been like for him.

Once Edwin retired he entered a number of plants into the Kelvin Grove Horticultural Society plant exhibition. He received awards for a number of flowering plants and a number of vegetables. What was this show like.

Catherine was admitted to the Goodna Hospital for the Insane. She died shortly after of dysentry, toxaemia and heart failure. Are there any details for this death other than her death certificate and what was life like at Goodna?

Edwins will had two executors Alice Tyrrell and Leonard Mervyn Stemp. Are there people connections of Edwins or was this more of a legal agreement. What is in Edwins Will?

Edwin was obviously a member of the Masons- Prince George Lodge. What sort of information is it possible to obtain about the Prince George Lodge and what sort of ceremonial uniform did he wear?

Is it possible to find out if Edwin James ever met any of his extended family again and even knew that he had an extended family or where they were?

Obviously, not all of these questions for either Edwin or Edwin James will and can be answered. However, each question answered gives a more complete overview of what their lives were like and makes for a better story. There are also probably other questions that may be answered as research continues.

Further information about Edwin James Gransden can be found here http://www.mclaransofdalby.com/edwin-gransden.html not all of the above questions are answered on this website, but many of them are.


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  1. Martha Dockrill did not leave anything to the adopted child Edwin. She left it to an “old” friend, and from my diggings he had only moved to Southport fairly recently. So was there a parting of the ways between adopted son and “parents”

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