Ryde District Historical Society

Ryde District Historical Society

I have been a member of the Ryde District Historical Society for many years. It is a group that I really enjoy as I get to share the finds that I make and also get to hear those of others. Over the years this group has taught me a lot about how to research and different area’s to go to for more information. In fact every Historical Society I have ever been to gives me more information and more clues as to what sort of research I can do. The adage that not all information can be found on the internet still holds true.

Last night the Ryde District Historical Society started up a Facebook Group. They are now on Social Media at https://www.facebook.com/groups/RydeDistrictHistoricalSociety/ I hope that this will continue to bring people to the Historical Society and to build our membership up. So far we have very few online members but that will change as we get current members to sign up.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of information about Ryde being shared on the new FB group.


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