5 Generations of Wonderful Mothers

I generated a copy of a Mothers Tree for my mother for Mothers Day. It is quite a lovely tree and has some wonderful women on it. But because it contained details of women who are still living it was not suitable for putting up on this website. However, I really wanted to share the amazing photos that I have going back through generations of mothers. So I have adjusted this Mothers Tree. It only has five generations instead of all of the generations that I had on the original but it is able to be shared as none of these people are still alive.

This is a Mothers Tree of the women in my family. Each of them loses their own name when they marry and thus their stories are often harder to find and harder to tell. So it is very special to have a visual tree of so many of them.

Mothers Tree of Shirley Heather Guest nee Gransden.

Mothers Tree of Shirley Heather Guest nee Gransden.

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