Longbottom and the convicts of Canada Bay

A while ago I wrote a blog post about Longbottom and the Canadian Political Prisoners of the Longbottom Stockade. I was contacted by a reader who was putting together a documentary on the Canadian Convicts. Pierre kindly allowed me to put up a trailer for the documentary.

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Longbottom and the convicts of Canada Bay — 1 Comment

  1. Following civil war in British-controlled Lower Canada (now Quebec Province) in 1840, French Canadian exiles were sent to Australia and imprisoned in trenches on a site in Sydney, known as Longbottom Stockade. The convicts broke stone for the construction of Parramatta Road and collected oyster shells for making lime. Exile Bay, France Bay and Canada Bay were duly named in recognition of these French Canadians occupying our shores. Concord Oval now resides on the land where Longbottom Stockade originally housed those people banished from Canadian shores. So, there you have it Canada Bay!

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