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Exploring Gransden graves in Cobham Kent. Richard Gransden died 1760, Cobham Kent, UK.

Exploring Gransden graves in Cobham Kent.
Richard Gransden died 1760, Cobham Kent, UK.

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Gransden Family Website — 56 Comments

  1. If you are interested in the history of Robert Robinson Alexander I may be able to help. He was baptised at St Mary Magdalene, Taunton, Somerset, England 28 Dec 1802 see He also had a son William Henry and a son John (John was born in Honiton on Otter as was William Pratt). Robert Robinson was a Currier in 1830 in Honiton High St.
    His older brother James was my 3rd great grandfather. Please contact me if you wish to discuss further.


  2. My name is Aaron Boyes and my grandfather was John Lewis Gransden, son of Raymond Earl Gransden and Alma May Lower. My wife and I are working on our family tree also and even though we have just started I was a thrilled to find someone else in my “family” working on this also. I have the more recent lines from John Lewis and his wife Shirley Jean Burkett. Would be glad to pass it along. Would I be able to join the Bean tree on with you? I am trying to track the Burkett side but haven’t had luck yet. Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. My Great Great grand mother was Susan Clune nee Dolan , she was Dominic Dolan’s Sister , Dominic was the owner of Land in Sydney , now know as Dolan’s Bay

    • Thank you Marshall for that extra information. I will add it into my website when I do my next update.


  4. hi im Pete Gransden im from Southampton just looking to see if there are any others in my family out there or know me
    date of birth:19/12/53

    • Hi Pete,
      lovely to hear from you. There are indeed many other Grandsens out there and we would love to hear more from you. There is a Gransden family FB page if you are interested in joining. otherwise, I am always doing research and I am pretty sure I can put you in contact with people. I will write to you privately.

  5. Hi Tina
    You contacted me on ancestry regarding Hilda Ethel Payne her husband Arthur Reginald Shipp was my 5th cousin x2 removed you said you have information for me would love to know what you have


    • Hi Sue,
      thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I will email you privately with the information that I have for Elsie Payne. I got onto you through her sister who it sounds like you are more closely connected to. So I don’t know if I can help you with Hilda Payne but I can certainly help you flesh out the family a bit.

  6. Hello Tina,
    I read your comment on Teffania’s stuff in 2013 and would love to see your work with regard to this beautiful book. It would be a real treat to see the photos of the replica you made as well.
    Thank you so much for any information you can provide me about the Folding Calendar/almanac book.
    Bianca Bowman

  7. My name is Angela Gransden. My Grandfather, Orlando Gransden, lived in Edenville, Michigan and owned a mechanic shop. His wife, my Grandmother, was Virginia Arnold, also from Edenville, Michigan, USA. Or lower had 3 sons, Larry, Wayne, and Richard. My father wasaid Wayne Gransden. My mother was There’s a Dietz from Bay City, Michigan, USA. My parents had 3 children. Angela (me), Susan, and Kellie. Susan and Kellie still have the surname as their last nane. I am married to Dean Lane.

    • William Henry GRANSDEN (son of David Bradford GRANSDEN and Cora Elizabeth WILCOX) was born 04 Feb 1887 in Edenville, Midland, Michigan, USA, and died 13 Feb 1957.He married Margaret Helen PERRY on 20 Dec 1913 in Sanford, Midland, Michigan, USA.
      More About William Henry GRANSDEN:
      Burial: Edenville, Midland, Michigan, USA.
      More About William Henry GRANSDEN and Margaret Helen PERRY:
      Marriage: 20 Dec 1913, Sanford, Midland, Michigan, USA.
      Children of William Henry GRANSDEN and Margaret Helen PERRY are:
      +Patrick Henry GRANSDEN, b. 17 Apr 1919, Edenville, Midland, Michigan, USA, d. 19 May 1988, ,Michigan,USA11, 12.
      +Fern Alma GRANSDEN, b. 18 Nov 1921, Edenville, Midland, Michigan, USA, d. 09 May 2003, Athens Alabama.
      +Hazel Mary GRANSDEN, b. 17 Aug 1924, Edenville, Midland, Michigan, USA, d. 1975, Midland Hospital.
      +Donald Bradford GRANSDEN, b. 28 Aug 1925, Edenville, Midland, Michigan, USA.
      Doris Jean GRANSDEN, b. 14 May 1933, Edenville, Midland, Michigan, USA.
      +Orlo Perry GRANSDEN, b. 16 Jul 1914, Edenville, Midland, Michigan, USA, d. Dec 196613.

  8. Both Orleans Gransden and Virginia Arnold are deceased. The family cemetery of Gransdensome is located in Edenville, Michigan, USA.

      • Sorry, I have been unable to do much with my website at the moment. I will be adding them with the next update. It takes some time to update each page so it will be some time before it is next updated. I aim to do an update over the next month or so.

  9. Love your website. I sent a message earlier today with my theory about which convict William Russell is. I also tried, unsuccessfully to send some info and an article about the death of a Mary Ann Russell at Carcoar in 1897. The email address you supply above keeps bouncing back. How can I send you the info?

  10. Thanks Sylvia,
    I have received your email. I have also responded to your earlier comment. I will send a more detailed response via email. I have been very unwell. Sorry for the delay in responding to you.

  11. Hi Tina,

    I have just caught up with your wonderful revamped website full of fascinating stuff. I last contacted you some years ago when I visited Cobham and Meopham. Have you been over there yet? Are and more re-unions planned? I have Gransden links in Southampton and have come to realise why my Edward Sims/Elvina Gransden Love settled in Southampton. It was clearly because Elvina already had a number of Gransden relatives there. I am still trying to unravel them but all good fun. I love the biographies you have written up for various ancestors. Excellent.

    Kind regards,

    Roger Willoughby

    • Hello Roger I am hoping you can help me. Elvina Gransden Love was a cousin of Jane Gransden who married Samuel Cocking on 5 March 1844 in Richmond, Surrey, England.

      Jane’s father was Cpt. John Robert Grandsen b. 1783 in Strood, Kent m. to Jane Ann Bingley on 1 Jan 1816 in Hampshire d. 1830 Kent England.

      My DNA shows a match with the Gransden family however I believe the connection is threw the Cocking Family. It is the Cocking family I am particularly interested and wondered if you have any information on that family.

      My direct ancestor is John Cocking m Anna Maria Whitmore and came to Australia in 1835 under the name of John Roberts. I want to know who his parents were so I can connect the family in Aus to the family in England

      I know it is a long shot but love to hear from you one way or another

  12. Hello Tina,

    I am researching Anne Day who appears in your tree as the daughter of John Taylor Day and Mary Proctor. You have a birth/baptism date of 3 September 1807 for her. Are you able to share the source for that fact as I have not been able to find a record to confirm her birth/baptism.


    Paul Andrews.

    • Hi Paul,
      I do not have anything that specifies the birth date, just family an about date, based upon the Coles immigration records. I may have a copy of the death certificate in my hard copy files. I will search for it and see if it has more details on it. I believe that there are more details on it. This research is from long ago and needs to be redone, for this family.
      I will contact you on the email address that you have given me for this comment and see if I can help you in any way.

  13. Hi Tina, I’m looking for information about the children of James Hale (1842 – 1908)and Louisa Way (1855-1926). My maternal grandfather (Arthur) William (1880?)-1946 was one of their children. He was very secretive about his family and his past so I know very little although recently, through another branch of the family (his mother’s), it has led to you. Hope you can help. Verelle Cox

    • Hi Verelle,
      I will contact you and see if I can help you. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot on this family. My main interest in them is their connection to the Gransden family through their daughter Emily who married into the Gransden family.

    • Hi I found your Gransden Website while searching for Verelle Cox I have a lot of info on Arthur William Hale and his family as they lived on the same property as my Grandfather and Grandmother at Breeza and were great friends, I have family photos of Elizabeth Hale and children. Verelle’s Grandmother and cousins.
      Another reason for contacting you as I have a high DNA match showing us as 2nd cousins with Valmai Kathleen Gransden father was Maurice Gransden and also Leah Gransden 3rd cousins father Laurence Gransden
      I have been trying to find my DNA connection with this family and it seems to be with the Hale, Daw and Way families. Look forward to your reply.Rod Hirst

      • I should have mentioned if you could forward my details to Verelle so I can give her this info on the Hale family.
        Also the Gransden family I mention come down from Albert Herbert Gransden and Emily Hale from Bathurst and Orange NSW

        Cheers Rod Hirst

  14. Richard Gransden was my 6 times great grandfather. My 3 times great grandmother Elizabeth Gransden (1784-1861) married Robert Philpott.

    I don’t have a family website but my tree is available for public viewing (Taylor family Tree) on ancestry.

  15. I should have mentioned if you could forward my details to Verelle so I can give her this info on the Hale family.
    Also the Gransden family I mention come down from Albert Herbert Gransden and Emily Hale from Bathurst and Orange NSW

    Cheers Rod Hirst

  16. Tina: This is Angela Lane. I just read my comment from May 2017. There are errors: My grandfather was Orlo Gransden age 24 from Edenville Michigan who married Virgina Arnold from Edenville Michigan at age 18. They had three children: Larry, Wayne, and Dennis Gransden. Wayne Gransden is my father and he had three children; Angela (me), Kellie, and Susan. Kellie and Susan still have the surname Gransden and live in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I live in Deltona, Florida. I am married and my last name is Lane. My father married Theresa Deitz, she took on his surname and died as Theresa Gransden in Bay City, Michigan in 2001. Wayne Gransden died 8/2003 in Aus Gres, Michigan.

  17. Hi found this site looking up my Grandfather..
    My grandfather was Harold James Russell and Grandmother Daisy Agnes Thompson.
    My Mother is Diane Maree Stevens. Please contact me if you would like dome up date information.

  18. Hi Janelle my name is Richard Earle and I live in Brisbane Australia
    My father Rodney Earle just passed away and his father was Albert Earle who’s father was Thomas Earle and his father was Stephen Earle
    and Thomas Earle wife was asenath hale and her mother was Louisa way… Which makes her my great great grand mother
    I’m looking for any help as well
    My email is

    • Hi Julie,
      we don’t really have one. I am sorry, but all of my research has not led me to conclude that a crest has ever been registered for a member of this family.

  19. Would anybody know if we have a family crest and/or if one was created by one of our Gransden ancestors? The nearest crest you can easily find is Grant. From reading our names history it seems it is a variation of Grante Granta and denu. I’m not to sure on the links with Little and Great Gransden. My family are from Kent.

    • Not really. There is one crest that a member of the Gransden family is entitled to but we don’t have a crest as such. Crests are actually not that easily transferred. Usually, they are owned by once branch of a family, not anyone with the surname. In this case, there is a Knight who lived in Ireland who may have a crest, but that crest would belong to his descendants only.
      So far, I have found no links to Great or Little Gransden. There are a number of different theories about where the Gransden surname originated from but nothing specific. I did do a story about the potential origins at one time- have a look there to see if any of that answers your question. The information would almost certainly be a bit out of date by now as I wrote this quite some time ago, but it will give you an idea of what sort of information is actually out there and researchable as opposed to what is on a lot of the surname websites that give little evidence for what they are saying.

    • No, we aren’t. But, there are a bunch of Gransdens in the US that are probably related to you. I can help you get in contact with them if you are after links.

  20. I have just read some of your website, very interesting. I am related to Emma Anne Bosworth (she was my Great Great Grandmother) 2nd daughter of Isaac & Sophia Hoadley. Do you have any information on Isaac’s sudden death? or Emma Anne’s husband William James Bosworth’s parents?

  21. hi Tina, I’ve just been sent a pdf. from your document about Robert Davidson of Dailly, Ayrshire, on Ancestry.
    My aunt’s husband and I have been delving deeper and deeper into our Davidson family from Ayr and have traced my gr gr grandfather and his family back to Dailly/Girvan/Kirkoswald/etc. all in the coal industry. We believe we’re connected to this Robert Davidson.
    We’re following our line to the world famous Souter Johnnie of Burn’s Tam O’Shanter poem (show maker John Davidson) and will pin the line soon.

    My question to you is, how is the Davidson line linked to the Gransden family? I can’t see your tree anywhere on this website – or is it on Ancestry?

    There’s lots of my family who went to Australia back in the day, so it’s wonderful to be able to kind of connect to them from the wonderful research you’ve done.

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